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      Green walls

      For at home or at commercial buildings

      Green walls are real eye catchers! Green walls are also known as plant walls, living walls or vertical gardens and add a touch of green in your office or at home. Whether you choose living plants or artificial plants, the result will be stunning and will catch the attention of everybody who enters the room.


      Specialists in vertical greenery

      We from Vertical Gardens are specialists in vertical greenery for both indoor or outdoor spaces. Our team makes sure your green wall is created exactly according to your wishes and climate circumstances, starting with the design. Next, our team will install the green wall with our special patented vertical system. And don’t worry about any mess – we work neatly, precisely and of course treat all the plants with love. When we are done we’ll make sure you know exactly how to keep your plants, or we can make a maintenance agreement so we’ll stop by on a regular basis to take care of the plants for you.

      What are the advantages of vertical gardens?

      Having a vertical garden at home or at your office is not only a real eye catcher, it also has several advantages:

      – It purifies the air and absorbs CO2

      – It increases the feeling of well-being and reduce stress

      – It reduces ambient noises and temperature in the room

      – It increases productivity and decreases sick leave of employees


      Why choose Vertical Gardens?

      We are a specialized vertical greenery company that works across the whole Netherlands and that has more than 10 years of experience with the design, installation and maintenance of green walls.

      We are the exclusive Dutch partner of the Fytotextile® system from our Spanish partner Terapia Urbana S.L.. This patented system is a matrix of plant bags of breathing materials and with an innovative irrigation system. This system ensures the best quality for your living wall and we are proud to be the exclusive partner.

      Our projects range from one square meter up to a whole surface of several square meters. Regardless of the size, we always treat our plants and customers with the highest care and attention!

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